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Endometrial polyps

Assessing endometrial mass

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An endometrial polyp is an overgrowth of the endometrial lining on the inside of the uterine cavity, most often found in women between 20 and 40 years of age. It contains no muscular tissue unlike a fibroid.

Most polyps are benign, but a small percentage have have pre cancerous cells.  If polyps is identified, then it is best that it gets removed and sent for testing.

Risk factors are:

  •   obese

  •   hypertensive

  •   on hormonal replacement therapy

  •   on Tamoxifen for breast cancer

  •   have family history of Lynch Syndrome

Common symptoms are:

  •  abnormal bleeding or prolonged bleeding

  •  bleeding in between periods or after sexual intercourse

  •  infertility

  •  unusual vaginal discharge


Polyps can easily removed by a simple procedure call Myosure using a hysteroscopy either under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic.