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Assessing Pelvic Pain

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Endometriosis is defined as the presence of endometrial tissue outside the endometrial cavity.

Several theories have been suggested, but none are fully proven in their entirety, and it is likely that in many cases they coexist. Retrograde menstruation is believed to be central to the development of endometriosis, though this is thought to occur in 90% of women each cycle, and most do not go on to develop endometriosis. It is increasingly being realised that genetic and familial factors play a role.

1:10 women in child bearing age has endometriosis.

Symptoms of endometriosis:

-  Period pain

-  painful sex

-  persistent pelvic pain

-  period related or cyclical bowel symptoms ie painful bowel movements.

-  period related or cyclical urinary symptoms ie blood in urine or painful passing uring

-  unable to get pregnant for 6 months with one of the above.


1/  Laparoscopy is the gold standard

2/  Excision of endometriosis once found during surgery

3/  Suppressive therapy after surgery

Endometriosis patient information